About me


The Photographic Life of Andrea Colombo

The beginnings

I was born in 1970 in a small town called Rho, near Milan. That’s where the 2015 Expo took place. As a Kid I loved experimenting with photography as a hobby.

First steps

I started as a professional photographer in the 90’s.
It was so exciting being part of the fashion world in Milan. It was the film age of Kodakchrome, Fuji Velvia and Ilford XPE. There was no second chance, you needed to get it right at the first shot.

Part two

Soon the film age came to an end and the digital era moved forward.
I stopped working as a photographer for more than twenty years. But now I’m back.
It’s D5 time instead of F5. But shooting is still a great pleasure to me and a lot of fun.
Please, enjoy my work.